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Optimize social media campaigns with high-quality animations.

Social media has become a crucial component of the entire marketing strategy. Are you maximizing your investment by generating stunning and inspirational social media campaigns? If not, you're missing out on a bigger opportunity to get followers than publications or television networks.

Hire our explainer animation studio now!

Improve Communication Through Social Media Animations

At WizFiz Videos, we like working together with your in-house marketing teams to develop the ideal animation for your social media platforms. Whether you need a video to captivate people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, our skilled animators can produce stunning visual graphics to bring your advertising and promotional campaigns to life once and for all.

Now, use our compelling social media videos to market your business, product, service, or brand.

A Sneak Peek at Our Results-Driven 3D Animation Production Process!

We provide all animation services under one roof, from writing outstanding screenplays to producing fantastic 2D/3D cartoon animation movies and adding voiceovers. The following stages are part of our procedure.


Grasping Your Idea

To ensure that the finished product is in line with your vision, we start by getting an understanding of your needs. Our highly skilled professionals delve deeper to understand the length, style, and concept of the animation in your video.



The process of creating a video animation has just begun. Shot by shot, we produce a visual depiction of your animation video's progression. Each shot is illustrated with comments explaining what's happening on screen.


Motion Pictures

In this stage, we bring together all the created materials—script, artwork, and voice-over—to create an inventive, engrossing animated tale that will captivate viewers and elicit strong emotions.


Post Production

During the touch-up stage, we examine the video and make the required adjustments to make sure everything was produced flawlessly.

Why should you opt in for social media animations?

People enjoy viewing videos, and this trend has been fairly popular on social media lately. In fact, social media behemoths like Facebook now offer dedicated video live stream areas to help their audience become acquainted with their goods and consume online material more effectively. Explainer videos are becoming more important than ever, and shorter form content is becoming more frequent, assisting companies in achieving more success.