Industrial Robots are cool right?

Industrial Robots are cool right? While working on such videos it is much needed to ensure each part of the product is modelled and rigged to its finest in order to get your audience the best outcome. We animate such extensive and detailed industrial and mechanical products from scratch based on your ideas and product designs. Contact us and book a free consultation now. Email:info@wizfizvideos.com Phone: 202.657.5427

Today we’d like to share why facial expressions of characters are important in an animation.

Facial expression┬ámakes the animated character more appealing. If the animators do not express it properly it is not possible to bring life into the character. So to keep character more and more living and to communicate, the thought process of the same we need a proper rigged face. We create such characters who puts a life in the reel and gets directly connected to your audiences and BOOM!!! Get started now and discuss your idea with us ­čÖé

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